Dr Helen Schlebusch – Chiropractor


We all ask “why would a newborn baby need to see a Chiropractor, when Chiropractors deal with pain?” Well, hopefully I can answer this question with a small explanation of what Chiropractors actually do:


Chiropractors correct fixations in the spine, this is an area of the spine that is malfunctioning due to several factors, such as poor stationary posture, trauma or wear and tear. This malfunction can lead to nerve irritation and muscle spasm in the area. Correction of malfunction, allows the mobility of the spine to return to normal and a reduction of muscle spasm and nerve irritation.


When a baby is born naturally, with no assistance, the baby’s movement through the birth canal mobilises the spine and mobilises any fixations that may have developed in utero, especially in the third trimester when there is less space for movement. When a baby is born via c section or natural birth with assistance such as forceps, this mobilisation of the spine does not occur and there is a greater chance of fixations being present in the baby’s spine.


These fixations can manifest themselves in trouble latching, fussiness of feeding on one side, tummy cramping, colic and favouring one posture ( ie holding the head to one side or one leg up) – often seen with development of flattening of the head.


A Chiropractor will assess your baby for any fixations, and remove them with a gentle manual technique. Babies generally respond well to Chiropractic treatment, and will show an improvement in the same day. Most Chiropractors give you exercises to do at home with your baby.

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