Dr Helen Schlebusch – Chiropractor


Children are often falling or experiencing bumps when playing, jumping on the trampoline or learning a new sport. Have you ever wondered what harm was done?


Even though children are able to bounce back from an injury quickly, there are times when that injury is too much and can contribute to altered spinal function. When the function of the spine is hampered, the nerve at that level is affected, and therefore any organ or muscle that that specific nerve supplies is affected. This can manifest in headaches, muscle tightness and pain and even irritability and reduced attention span in childhood. This also leads to problems more prominent in adults such as lower back pain and headaches.


Having your child assessed for any spinal problems through out their youth could eliminate any major problems in adulthood. Chiropractors assess the spine for any abnormal functioning and correct them with gentle, non-invasive techniques, allowing decreased nerve irritation and optimum spinal health.


Posture showing that you or your child may need to see a Chiropractor:

  • the ear lobes are not at the same level when looking from the back
  • one shoulder is higher than the other
  • shoes are wearing unevenly


Posture in sitting and walking is also very important for spinal health:

Sitting or standing in a slouched position puts a large amount of increased pressure on the joints in the spine.


Carrying heavy school bag on one shoulder or in one hand can lead to an altered posture – listing over to the heavy side. This done over a period of time can lead to muscle imbalance and altered mechanics of the spine.

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