Dr Helen Schlebusch – Chiropractor

Chiropractic and sports injuries

Many musculoskeletal complaints arise from injuries acquired from sports, whether playing socially or league. These injuries are often caused by incorrect biomechanics of the sportsman or woman’s body or over exertion of tired or previously injured muscles. Training with an injury may cause greater damage to that area and later may lead to associated syndromes, such as lower back pain, due to compensation.


When the biomechanics of the body are altered (which could occur from everyday actions such as a fall, car accident or high stress levels), the nervous system may be irritated causing dysfunction in the body, and increased strain on the joints. In sportsmen and women this leads to a largely increased chance of injury when there is increased demand placed on the body, such as training, leagues, or even marathons.


By restoring normal biomechanics of the athlete’s body, Chiropractic can be of enormous benefit in preventing and treating sports related injuries. Many sportsmen and women have even noticed an improvement in their athletic performance following chiropractic treatment.


Common sports related conditions treated by chiropractors are tennis elbow, golfers elbow, rotator cuff, muscle strains, knee injuries and ankle sprains.

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