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Paediatric (babies & children) Chiropractic

An adult’s body will function in a certain way, with certain limitations, because of how it is built, in other words your form decides your function. But in babies and children that are still growing it is the other way around. Their form is not yet set, so how well they function will ultimately lead to the type of body they will eventually develop. It is the goal of the paediatric chiropractic to maximize that potential.
Paediatric Chiropractic is largely different in application to how we treat adults. My focus is on gentle joint release as well as soft tissue massage to correct any musculoskeletal imbalances that may be contributing to fussy baby, feeding difficulties, cramping, colic or plagiocephaly to name a few. My passion is largely in support for parents to have the best experience possible with their little ones. 
Toddlers and children enjoy their sessions with me as I treat while having fun in play with them and their parents. Siblings enjoy joining in too.

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

A mums body goes through a marathon of changes in pregnancy, from before conception all the way to after baby is born. As your body changes to accommodate baby’s growth and development your hormones, gait, centre of gravity, and overall movement are all constantly changing. 


Chiropractic care during pregnancy focuses on keeping mums body balanced and aligned. Which has been shown to support postural changes, keep pelvis aligned for optimal birthing, and helps to reduce the potential for pregnancy pain.


Seeing a Chiropractor during pregnancy is not only focused on treating pain, but the overall health of mum and baby. You can expect hands on therapy, exercise and nutritional advise to name a few.

Common conditions Chiropractic can help with during pregnancy are:
Rib pain, Pelvic girdle pain, Sciatic pain, Neuralgia, Neck pain, Headaches, 

Muscle imbalances

Post-Partum Chiropractic Care is also important for mum, as your body adapts to life after giving birth and the new biomechanical changes associated with feeding and carrying baby.

Adult Chiropractic

As a South African trained Chiropractor my technique is known as Diversified Chiropractic, where restoring normal joint movement (specifically in the spine) is the main focus.  My treatments are hands on.
I use many soft tissue techniques such as dry needling, massage and electro therapy before adjusting the joints which have reduced movement.  Adjustments are done by applying a high velocity, low amplitude force to the restricted joint. Adjustments are not painful, and I do incorporate various techniques such as drops and the activator if indicated. 
I use a type of traction, called flexion distraction, when treating disc disorders or pinched nerves. I am passionate about giving patients manageable rehab exercises to “continue treatment at home”

Sports Injuries

Spinal and Extremity adjustments have been shown to improved performance in training and competing. Improvement of biomechanics and optimum joint range of movement makes reaching those PB’s a little less challenging.

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